From raw material to ready-to-sell medical product:

You concentrate on your core business—we handle everything else.


Eurofins Inpac Medizintechnik operates as a comprehensive service provider in the following areas for customers working in medical technology, pharmaceutics, and biotechnology.


Packaging design

  • Blister design
  • Label design
  • Development of cardboard packaging


Manufacture of packing materials in ISO Class 7 clean-rooms

  • Rigid blister (PETG, APET, PC-film)
  • Soft blister (OPA/PE, Tyvek®, medical-grade paper)
  • Peel pouches (OPA/PE, PET/PE, Tyvek®, medical-grade paper)
  • Assembly of sealing lid (Tyvek®, medical-grade paper, Alu) for rigid blister
  • Digital color printing on Tyvek® and medical-grade paper



Cleaning of chemical, biological and particulate contamination

  • Washing and disinfection appliance
  • Ultra-sonic bath
  • Immersion rinsing bath
  • Wipe disinfection
  • Plasma cleaning



  • Product assembly according to customer specifications in ISO Class 7 clean-rooms
  • ESD workplace for assembling electronic components



  • Development of e.g. cleaning supports and assembly jigs
  • Refinements to manufacturing processes for film coating and filling processes


Product packaging

  • Rigid / soft blister and pouches in standard sizes and custom sizes
  • In-line production, packaging, and labeling
  • Ultra-modern, qualified machines and installations with validated processes
  • Filling of powders, fluids, and melts
  • Boxing in folding boxes und shipping containers
  • Shrink-wrapping of folding boxes in plastic film
  • Labeling of products via digital color printing on sealing lids or labels



  • Ethylene oxide (EO)
  • Gamma rays
  • Steam (increased project-time)



  • Packaging tests
  • Packaging validation
  • Cleaning validation
  • Sterilization validation
  • Transport simulation
  • Accelerated and real-time ageing



The documents are prepared in English according to standard practice. Upon request, we can arrange for other languages.


Procurement management

  • Carton materials
  • User instructions
  • Medical products and/or their components
  • Finishing and surface treating of medical products
  • Alternative materials or treatment processes upon request


Logistics services

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