At Eurofins Inpac, we manufacture in-house packaging for medical products, such as rigid and soft blisters and pouches, according to international standards. This permits us to respond flexibly to all customer requirements. Preservation of the sterility of these packaging materials is documented for a period of at least 5 years.


Manufacture of packaging materials in ISO Class 7 clean-rooms

  • Rigid blister (PETG, APET, PC-film)
  • Soft blister (OPA/PE, Tyvek®, medical-grade paper)
  • Peel pouches (OPA/PE, PET/PE, Tyvek®, medical-grade paper)
  • Assembly of sealing lids (Tyvek®, medical-grade paper, Alu) for rigid blister
  • Digital color printing on Tyvek® and medical-grade paper


If you require different packaging material, we will order it with pleasure.


Spectroscopic characterization of packaging materials upon incoming delivery


Machines and Installations with validated processes


Label printing

We label according to your specifications according to ISO 15223-1. The printing of the labels takes place outside of the clean-room using a validated process involving thermal transfer printing in black and white. If you wish to have color elements on your labels, such as logos, pre-printing can be provided by our supplier.

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