packaging design

Blister design

Along with standard blisters for product packaging and transport blisters, we also offer, at your request, customized, tailor-made blister concepts.

Toward this end, our design department—with its many years of experience—is at your disposal. Based on the 3D-data about your product, your wishes, and your requirements for e.g. product removal, we first design a 3D-CAD model. Afterwards we design the appropriate tools. Design, functionality, and security are just as much our concerns as cost, sterilization, transport safety, and the timely and flexible implementation of your wishes.


Label design

Our labeling department supports you in designing labels, according to ISO 15223-1. We prepare a master label according to your exact specifications, so as to ensure smooth and reliable processing routines.

Here, we can also incorporate UDI requirements and advise you in choosing suitable placement sites for unambiguous international article numbers, such as GS1 and HIBC.  We can also execute barcodes, data matrix codes, and customer-specific fonts and company logos.


Design of sales packaging

Our packaging of ready-to-sell medical products is completed by means of suitable folding boxes or dispenser cartons, as well as individual shipping cartons for your sales unit. Appearance, ease of handling, and safety during transport all play important roles here. If you wish, we can assume responsibility for developing the appropriate solutions together with our suppliers. In case of printed folding boxes we will provide you a punching line for the design accoding to your requirements. Procurement of folding boxes is also part of our service.





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